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Learn How To Start & Grow Your Roadside Assistance Business

The Roadside Assistance Marketplace

Learning, growing, or dominating? Which describes you?

What We Do

Education - Learn the ins and outs of the roadside assistance industry and who the players are.

Consulting - Talk about expansion, what it takes, how its done, when to hire, insurance etc.

Marketing - Dominate your local service area with our marketing efforts.


Expanding - Help you expand your roadside service by using contractors.

Systems - Integrate all of the crucial systems in your business to help you succeed.

Outsourcing - Learn to delegate what you don't want to do and focus on money making.

Google Ads - Ramp up your cash calls and increase the overall dollar per call. 

SEO - Get SEO that will rank your websites services pages and make you more money.


Roadside Genius - Made by roadside professionals for roadside professionals.


Our goal is to educate our members, elevate their incomes, and assist them in their business growth journey. What we offer is thoroughly vetted information on the marketing, tools, contracts & info needed to start and grow a roadside assistance business.


Our mission is to be the go-to source for information on how to start, maintain and expand a roadside assistance service the right way - the Roadside Genius way.

Welcome to the site.



"I can recommend Julio to anyone, if you in need to grow your business, and you need help, he is the man for the job, give him a call or email him, you will not regret it. I have been using his services for almost a year and if you ask me if it's worth it, yes it is." - Sairs


"I have been working with Julio for 2 years Now and he is an awesome individual. Extremely helpful, goes above and beyond to make things happen. My company was barely surviving with just calls from the MCs. WDLG Marketing Turned that around now my revenue doesn’t depend Solely on the MCs these guys are Highly recommended in my Book."- Howard


"Julio is a great guy and really knows what he is doing. My phone would barely ring before I got on with his services. Now it rings a lot. Thanks Julio!!!!" - Ben


"If you’re looking to increase your call volume by making it easier for customers to find your business? Look no further! Julio knows how to get it done 100% affective! Highly recommended . Give him a shot so he can show you what WDLG is all about. #ImgladIdid" - DeJene

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