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How To Start A Roadside Assistance Business

How To Start A Roadside Assistance Business

1. Gather Information : the first step in your roadside assistance business journey should be to gather as much info as you need and decide what type of time and effort you want to devote to your roadside assistance business venture. 

Ideally, you'll start your roadside assistance business start by offering 4 basic services, 5-7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day. The services you can offer include: tire changes, lockouts, jump starts & fuel deliveries. You can then expand your business by offering other services like mobile tire replacement, tire repair, mobile battery replacement, mechanical work, towing & more.

FYI: Roadside genius has helped thousands transition into the roadside business slowly from a part time or full time job to a full time business owner, everything is possible. We created a course to give you all the information you need to start and grow your own roadside assistance business. Also, be sure to check us out on Youtube & Tik Tok!

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2. Get The Right Tools & Equipment : Once you know how much time and effort you'll want to devote, you'll need the tools you need to start a roadside assistance business. To get most of what you need without any extras, you'd be looking at around $500 - $600 bucks for th
e tools required to offer these services.
3. Set Up The Business: Once you have your tools ready, it's time to get your business registered with local and state governments. You can find information on registering in your state
here. Legal Zoom is a good resource, or just visit your local accountant. 

4. Get The Right Business Insurance: After you have registered your business and acquired the tooling, You'll want to make sure you are insured. You can get information on roadside assistance
business insurance here. Roadside assistance business insurance is not required but it's a good to have it in case something happens.
5. Create Business Bank Accounts: After establishing your business entity, getting tools, and getting insured, the next step in your journey is to
make a business bank account and get setup to accept customer payments.

6. Invest In Marketing: Once you have these things figured out, it's time to become a Roadside Genius & dominate your local market with roadside assistance business advertising.

7. Consult With Roadside Genius: There are levels to owning a roadside assistance business. We discuss your business growth options, and implement strategies to setup your business so it operates diligently and effectively. The end goal is to make it so you are no longer required to be at the front of your business operations. Make money while you sleep.

Want more guidance? Set a meeting with Roadside Genius.

Roadside Assistance Business Startup Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need to start my own roadside assistance business?

- The amount of money needed to start a roadside assistance business depends on the services you intend to offer and how well you want to be equipped. Licensing and business registrations could run you as low as $200-$350 dollars, equipment between $1,500-$5,000 not including service vehicles. Business insurance cost can vary, but you should expect to pay 100 on the low end and 400+ on the high end. 

Where do I get roadside assistance insurance?


- Roadside assistance insurance can be purchased by your own car insurance provider. Learn more about getting insurance for your roadside assistance business.

What tools do I need to get into roadside assistance?

-The number of tools you need is solely based on the services you want to provide. Check out our recommended list of tools here.

How do I start a roadside assistance business?

-This question is a little vague but here is a nice video giving you the rundown on how to start a roadside assistance business.

How do I get more cash calls for my roadside assistance business?

-Getting more cash calls has never been easier. Google is a great place to start.  Check out our roadside assistance marketing services.

How do I get more customers for my roadside assistance business?

-Facebook, Instagram, Google My business, Contracts, Motor Clubs, Local Businesses, etc. There are many ways to cook an egg.

How much should I charge for my roadside assistance services?

-It definitely varies by location, competition, & other factors, but you can't go wrong offering a starting price of 55-75 dollars depending on your area. Call around and see what the market is like and position yourself a little higher.

What is Roadside Genius?

- Roadside Genius is the roadside assistance marketplace designed to help you start and grow your business the right way, using the right strategies, and not lowballing the industry just to make a living. We turn entrepreneurs into businesses.

What dispatch systems should I use for my roadside assistance business?

-We recommend, TowbookSwoop, Dispatch Anywhere and Call Rail.

What other contracts can I sign as an independent contractor?

- There is a full list of contracts for roadside assistance on our pages. Take a look and see.

What are other things I can do to help me rank my roadside assistance business on Google?

- We have handpicked products that you can buy to enhance your online SEO strength

I want to talk to someone, do you have a number I can call?

- We take phone calls only by appointment on our tier 2 subscription, lets hop on a call.​​

I want to get into business but now sure if it's right for me, can you help?

-Sure we can, let's schedule a talk and let's see if this industry is right for you.

I am looking for tow truck insurance, is this the right place for me?


- We do not sell insurance products, but we do know who does, visit this link here for a  few different vendors.

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