The Tools You Need To Start A Roadside Assistance Business


List of Equipment

1. Battery Pack (110) JNC 660 Blue Amazon & JNC 12/24 For Semis. Any brand is ok.
2. Gas Can ($15) 2-5 Gallon gas container with fast funnel
3. Led/Flashlight Light for Night Visibility ($6) (anything works)
4. 3-ton floor jack ($75) Rapid Pump from Harbor Freight 1.5 ton is good also. Carry both.
5. Funnel ($5) - any funnel for fuel delivery. Required for some models. Not needed if fat funnel.
6. Jumper Cables ($30) – at least 20 ft long. (not needed if you have a good jump box, nice to have)
7. Pull Up Lockout Tool ($45) Buy button master tool from
8. Lockout Kit (bag, wedge, & long rod) ($60) Access tools or best tools has equally matched ones.
9. Rubber Mallet ($15) needed for seized tires & special work.
10. Actual mallet (metal) (20) needed for the really seized up tires.
11. Nut Breaker Tool ($25) Long bar from harbor freight .5-inch drive.
12. Reflective shirt ($25) Optional, branded clothing to look professional.
13. Faster Air Pump ($65) – Harbor Freight has air pump very fast & efficient.
14. LED Lights for Vehicle (65) – for protection during hazardous conditions.
15. Stripped lug nut remover (35-55) - for removal of stripped nuts. Don’t get caught without one.
16. 17-22 thin wall sockets and socket extension by Harbor Freight. ($65)
17. Power Inverter for on the go charging of your jump box ($40) Harbor freight.
18. Hacksaw, grinder ($35) – for faulty tire release equipment, cut it down with customer consent.
19. Spare tires ($20-50) – go to your local junkyard and get all the spare tire sizes you can, R16 & R17 are most common. They will be useful.
20. Gloves ($20) Protect skin & wear and tear on hands. Keep yourself clean as well.
21. Full driver set. Flathead, 4-way, needle nose pliers etc.
22. Smaller sockets & socket wrenches from harbor freight 20-30 piece. Get a good set. ($40)
23. Bluetooth Headset – Voyager Legend Recommended – ($95)
24. Impact Gun/wrench – Ingersoll rand 1100 Ft LBS ($400-500)
25. Wire Brushes. At least 2. Carry to clean off badly rusted tires.
26. PB Blaster, rust remover, for badly rusted lug nuts & rims.
27. Tire Plug Equipment. Any tire plug equipment works, but get the manual plugs that you must insert into the tire work best.
28. Jack Stands – Get Quality stands
29. Terminal Cleaners - for battery jumps, and cleaning terminals when corrosion is present. ($10
30. Box cutters, utility knife, razor blade (10)
31. Spare tire release tools, Equipment, for when customers don’t have their own ($85)
32. Battery Analyzer – $85 harbor freight
33. Spline Sockets for VW & other foreign vehicles. 2 sizes, get both.
34. Lug nut cap puller for those pesky plastic caps
35. Cell phone holder for hands-free calling.
36. Portable Phone Charger (once the calls come in like they should, you’ll need more power)
37. – Have something we don’t? Recommend it and get credits.